Top 50 Global Education Blogs

Technology as well as the ability to travel has helped many students and educators reach out to learn and to teach others how to institute a global learning environment. The following list of top fifty education blogs show the broad reach in this effort, with blogs listed in categories that range from studying abroad to e-learning technology and from international diplomacy to cultural resources. Each blog chosen has been updated recently to provide current resources and information.

Each link within the categories below has been listed in alphabetical order to show that we do not favor one blog over another.

Studying Abroad

  1. Abroad 101: This blog provides a behind-the-scenes look into this study abroad resource.
  2. Abroad Scout: This blog is updated about twice per month, with writings that focus on tips and lessons about studying abroad.
  3. Glimpse: Supported in part by National Geographic, this blog focuses on student abroad stories.
  4. IES Abroad Student Blogs: Enjoy first-hand accounts from students on IES Abroad programs from throughout the world.
  5. Intelligent Travel: This blog, offered by National Geographic, provides insights into cultural and sustainable travel experiences.
  6. International Student: These blogs and forums provide a resource for students abroad as well as for students who want to study abroad.
  7. NAFSA Blog: The world’s largest professional association is dedicated to advancing international education, and their blog reflects this purpose. *
  8. StudyAbroad Blogs: Learn more about studying abroad from students who are living the experience. Be sure to visit their links for more information.

Foreign Policy and Education

  1. DipNote: This is the official U.S. Department of State Official Blog, a place to share stories, discuss experiences, and inspire new ideas on foreign policy issues with a focus on learning and education.
  2. Every Citizen A Diplomat: This blog speaks to citizen diplomacy, including a section on education and training, and focused on international relations.
  3. John Brown’s Public Diplomacy Press and Blog Review, Version 2.0: Brown was a member of the U.S. Foreign Service for over two decades, mostly in Eastern Europe.
  4. Mountain Runner: Learn more about public diplomacy, strategic communication, and global engagement from Matt Armstrong.

College Resources

  1. Learning Across Borders: Although this blog originates from the University of Missouri’s International Center, the blog entries pertain to anyone with interests in global education.
  2. University of Minnesota Learning Abroad Center: This link leads to the front page of this informative site, with a link on that page to this college’s learning abroad blogs.
  3. Wheaton Center for Global Education: Wheaton College (Massachusetts) offers a blog on studying abroad, including resources anyone can use.

eLearning Tech

  1. Around the Corner: Miguel Guhlin is all about the transformation of teaching, learning and leadership through strategic technologies.
  2. Clive on Learning: Clive is a consultant who is interested in all aspects of technology-based elearning and communications.
  3. Dave’s Educational Blog: The focus here is education, post structuralism and the “Rise of the Machines.”
  4. eLearning Technology: Tony Karrer’s work in social media, e-Learning and Performance Support has won awards and has led him into engagements at many Fortune 500 companies.
  5. In the Middle of the Curve: This blog focuses on technology, eLearning, change management and software training.
  6. Kapp Notes: Read topics such as learning, e-learning and the transference of education. *
  7. OLDaily: Stephen Downes is known as the “go-to” guy for Open Source, global education strategies and technology.
  8. Rick Darby on Learning Technology: Rick manages the teams that provide the assessment, development, and application of the learning technology that supports Orkin University’s wide range of learning endeavors.
  9. Scott’s Workblog: This UK blog focuses on Open Source, collaboration and technologies.
  10. TechSpectives: TechSpectives is an online community dedicated to the latest topics in technology and education.
  11. The Cool Cat Teacher Blog: A perspective on teaching content with new tools and an attitude that teaching is a noble calling.
  12. Travlin’ Ed Man: Curt runs “around the world training faculty members and instructors to teach online.” Follow along to catch his expertise online.
  13. Weblogg-ed: Technology is part of global education, but so is thinking outside the box. Join Will Richardson in both quests.

News, Research & Analysis

  1. Bryan Chapman: Bryan is one of the bloggers at Brandon Hall Research, and his blog focuses on learning strategies in the corporate sector.
  2. Cammy Bean’s Learning Visions: Join Cammy, the VP of learning design at Kineo, to learn more about her perspectives on eLearning and instructional design.
  3. Clark Aldrich On Simulations and Serious Games: Learn about how and why the visual and kinesthetic nature of games make them the perfect choices for global audiences and organizational or community learning.
  4. Eduwonk: This blog is part of Education Sector, which is an independent research and analysis organization that focuses on education news.
  5. GlobalHigherEd: This blog is designed to highlight and then archive information about new developments, resources and analytical networks to track what is happening to the construction of new globalized knowledge/spaces.
  6. Global Knowledge Blog: A global blog for global learners, presented by aGlobals – Business Consulting.
  7. The Chronicle of Higher Education: This blog/news source covers a broad range of topics on a national and international level.
  8. Will at Work Learning: Follow Will Thalhimer’s research-based commentary on learning and performance industry.

Cultural Blogs

  1. AIDSPortal: AIDSPortal is a global initiative that aims to facilitate networking among organizations involved with HIV and AIDS response.
  2. Fulbright-mtvU Fellows: Fulbright is an outstanding resource in itself, and this blog is an interesting take on global education. Five students were sent around the world to study and promote “the power of music.”
  3. Kottke: This blog is a work of art as well as a blog about the liberal arts 2.0.
  4. Old Roads Blog: Martyn Smith, assistant professor of religious studies at Lawrence University in Appleton, Wisconsin, focuses on Islam and specifically Islam in medieval Cairo.
  5. Peer 2 Peer University: This virtual university offers engagements for anyone who cares to interact with this blog.
  6. The Little Professor: This blog covers the world on anything Victorian and academic.
  7. Travels in the Riel World: This blog provides a place to read about travel and to explore the world from a cross-cultural perspective.
  8. Virtual Learning Worlds: Barton Pursel leads readers into the exploration of games and other forms of media in a learning environment.

Resources and Tools

  1. Blackboard Blog: This business has an interest in reaching out to a global knowledge community and does so with this blog.
  2. International Financial Aid Blog: This blog focuses on financial aid for students who want to study in the U.S. as well as for U.S. students who want to study abroad.
  3. International Higher Education Consulting Blog: This blog provides a source for news on international educational exchange and mutual understanding. *
  4. KM Consulting Blog: Knowledge Management Online is an Open Source KM system, and this is their blog.
  5. Professionalising International Education: This blog, which provides international educational news, is offered by PIER (Professional International Educational Resources).
  6. Semantic Web: The best way to gain access to their blogs is from the front page, where you can learn more about data linking for school projects internationally.
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