25 Incredible Sites to Learn How to Transfer College Credits

When choosing a university, there is far more to it than rankings. Other items such as major sought and accreditation also have to be factored in. But one of the most pressing questions for the thousands of students who wish to transfer schools every year is: how do I do it while maintaining as many of my credits as possible?

With no one easy answer for the question, it is important to learn as much as possible to keep students from having to retake classes at their new school which costs both time and money. To help, we have gathered 25 incredible sites to learn how to transfer college credits. You can learn more about your current school, future transfers, and even get special help for those outside of the traditional transfer credit questions such as high school students and military personnel.

Incredible Sites to Learn How to Search for Transfer College Credits

  1. College Transfer.net
    Visit here for a site dedicated to all things college transfer. Quick links help you learn more about transfer, connect you to state resources, and even their very own transfer coach. They also have an active online community with more.
  2. Ace Credit
    Get a site all about college transfer from the American Council on Education here. Scroll down to learn more about specific schools by state. There are also benefits to joining the network, including for military members.
  3. uSelect
    Use this site to “get the credit you deserve.” Begin by clicking the state you are in to learn more about transfer credits available to you. They even have a tool where you can make your own personalized plan to see if your courses transfer.
  4. Straighter Line
    They bill themselves as “the shortest distance between you and your degree.” They have a detailed guide on how transfer credit works and accreditation. They also have loads of tools and a paid service with even more.
  5. College Search
    College Board is a serious site for any college student. They have loads of help for finding and applying to college. In this special section, you can use the MatchMaker to generate a list of colleges that match your preferences. Popular matches currently include those for students who have AP credit.
  6. The Database of Postsecondary Institutions and Programs
    Use this search engine provided by the U.S. Department of Education to search for an institution’s accreditation status. You can use it to search for both your present and future school(s). If they are accredited by the same agency, chances are more transfer credits will be allowed.
  7. National Student Clearinghouse Research Center
    Want to know what the numbers are behind transfers? Then stop here to get research from the National Student Clearinghouse. They have reports on college students, as well as high school and other areas of education.
  8. College Navigator
    If you know which schools you would like to transfer to, look them up here. The College Navigator is part of the National Center for Education Statistics and contains reports on thousands of schools. You can build a list of schools, and there is even a transparency center that can help you figure out how much school will cost.

Incredible Guides to Learn How to Transfer College Credits

  1. Everything You Need to Know About Transferring College Credits
    Get an extensive guide to transferring credit here. They have sections on online universities, articulation agreements, and much more. You can even check out the feature stories with more on the topic.
  2. Transferring
    If transferring from a community college to a four year one, check out this guide. From College Board, it tells all about community colleges, which often are built around the concept of transfer credits. They also have loads of other useful articles for the college student.
  3. Demanding Credit
    Inside Higher Ed is a site that takes a deeper look into the world of college. In this article, they tell the ups and downs of the transfer credit debacle. There are also related articles, blogs, and tons more for the savvy student.
  4. How to Transfer College Credit
    The folks at eHow have a guide for just about everything, including this one for college transfers. The short guide outlines the basic steps and tools to course transfer. You can also get many related articles and videos on the topic.
  5. If You Want to Transfer
    University Language Services is a valuable tool for students both inside and outside the U.S. In this guide, they give tips for what to do when transferring credits. There are also tips for students abroad.
  6. Will Your Credits Transfer?
    If going from a community or junior college to a four year school, transferring credits is vital. This article from USA Education Guides can tell you what to expect. You can also get information on graduate programs, universities, and ESL programs.
  7. Transfer Credits From Community College
    College Thrive is full of tips, advice, and resources for students. In this entry, they have information on how to make a successful transfer of credits. You can also find articles on college life, academics, and even a section just for freshmen.
  8. How to Ensure Your Credits Transfer
    If you still need help transferring from a community college, stop here. Community College Review has all things on the topic, including transfer credit. Get a detailed guide to ensure that you get the most transfers possible.
  9. Academic Transfer
    Finally, no list would be complete without the Wikipedia version. This entry tells all about the practice of college transferring from its background to accreditation issues. It also links to references of interest.

Other Incredible Sites to Learn How to Transfer College Credits

  1. Military College Transfer Credits
    If you are a member of the military, you can also qualify for transfer credits. This free PDF is an extensive guide on understanding your transcript and learning more about the transfer process. Simply click on it and other guides to begin learning.
  2. APUS
    Their goal is to help military members get all the credit toward a degree or certificate they can from the American Public University System. You can get the status of evaluations for everything from the arts to science right on the homepage. Click on What’s Accepted or Getting Started to begin.
    Check out the American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers to learn the latest news regarding transfer credits. Many academics and professionals use their services to learn about accreditation, transfer credits, and more. They also offer other tools in higher ed.
  4. iTransfer
    If transferring to or from a school in Illinois, check out this site. It is especially for students in the state seeking answers to their transfer questions. They have tools, resources, and even coordinators to help.
    Similar to the above, this is a site for California transfer students. It shows how course credits earned at one public California college or university can be applied when transferred to another. They also have tips for admissions, financial aid, and more.
  6. AP Credit Policy
    If you are or were in Advanced Placement classes in high school, you may qualify for transfer credit. This section from College Board actually lets you find colleges and universities with AP credit policies. Use the A through Z search or school name to begin.
  7. CLEP
    If you have the knowledge but college credits that don’t transfer, stop here. It is a guide from Back to College on the CLEP, or College Level Examination Program. Those who do well on the exam can qualify for college credit.
  8. College Transfer
    If you have earned transfer credits, you are about to switch schools. Stop here for a complete guide from About.com’s Allen Grove. He gives tips on transfer essays, a common transfer application, and even the hidden costs of transferring.

And the above 25 incredible sites to learn how transfer college credits are just one of the many ways in which to choose a school. Be sure and visit the academic counseling departments of any schools you attend or are planning to attend to get the latest information on transferring credits from someone who is trained to answer those very questions.

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