Business School (B School) Rankings 2012

There are thousands of options if you’re interested in a business program as your education path. Business schools that offer MBA programs, often called B Schools or B-Schools, come in all shapes and sizes, and what is right for one person may not be the best choice for you. So how to you determine which business school you should attend? Check out some of the rankings available for these special programs.

BusinessWeek Rankings

One of the best sources for business school rankings is BusinessWeek. This school has been posting their rankings of business schools since 1988, and have expanded their list in the past few years to include a number of categories. Today, you can search not just for traditional full-tie MBA programs, but also for Executive MBA (EMBA) programs, part-time MBA programs, non-degree educational options, undergraduate business programs, and distance learning programs. They talk to schools, program directors, faculty members, and even students to learn more about each program they rank, and they provide detailed information about each school on the list, including characteristics such as length of program, enrollment, admissions information, tuition, accrediting information, acceptance rates, and class profiles.

US News Rankings

US News is known for having one of the most comprehensive college rankings in the world. Although they are most known for doing a general list, they also have another list specifically for MBA programs. This list is compiled based solely on peer review. Two faculty members at each program are asked to rate fellow programs on a scale from one to five, and the opinions are then added to give the school an overall score. Students can read the rankings list or can search by any of the following specialties: accounting, Executive MBA (EMBA), information systems, management, nonprofit, production and operations, entrepreneurship, finance, international marketing, part-time MBA, and supply chain/logistics.

The Princeton Review Rankings

Every year, The Princeton Review published their college rankings, which include a section for business schools. They actually have a number of unique categories, so you can see how business schools rank in relation to different characteristics. These include the following: best administered, best campus environment, best campus facilities, best professors, greatest opportunity for minority students, greatest opportunity for women, most family friendly, best career prospects, most competitive students, toughest to get into, and best classroom experience. They also have “student say” profiles and school statistics for each school so you can learn ore about the programs offered. In 2011, The Princeton Review included over 300 business schools in their rankings.

There are other organizations and publications that rank business schools, so remember to consider as many sources as possible when doing research on educational options in this field. Also, visit as many campuses as possible to get a feel for the environment. You shouldn’t rely solely on rankings to make your decision about which business school to attend.

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