Engineering University Rankings 2012

Are you interested in a career in the engineering field? If so, checking out college rankings can help you learn more about the programs available for engineering students. Remember, these lists are only one of the resources you should use when researching the engineering colleges on your list.

US News Rankings

One of the most highly-respected college rankings is compiled annually by US News and World Report. Most people check out this publication for a general listing of the best colleges in the United States, but few people realize that US News also publishes a number of more specialized lists, including a list of the best engineering school in the country. US News ratings are based on factors such as student retention, faculty awards, class size, SAT and ACT test scores of students, average spending per student, and more. In addition, they also rank schools based on projected graduation rate. In other words, US News predicts the percentage of students they expect to graduate within six years based on other factors and compare that number to the actual percentage of students that graduate. Rankings is a great place to get a more personalized view of these colleges you’re considering. This list includes schools that have programs for engineering in the following areas: nuclear, naval, mechanical, industrial operations, engineering, electrical, computer, computer science, civil, chemical, automotive, and aerospace. The rankings found on this site for engineering programs are based on educational quality, academic success, creative encouragement, usefulness of work, faculty accessibility, and how the university uses their funding. 5,000 surveys were compiled to complete this rankings list.

Other Rankings

Keep in mind that general college rankings can help you as well. Even though they aren’t focused on engineering programs, they can give you a more comprehensive look at schools that you might be considering. US News isn’t the only resource for general college rankings lists. Other lists that you may want to check out include those compiled by The Princeton Review, Times Higher Education, and Forbes. For online engineering programs, you may also want to review the rankings compiled by Online Education Database (OEDb), and if you’re already an engineering student and are looking for an advanced degree in your field, one of the most popular lists to review is the one compiled by the National Research Council, or NRC.

Whichever lists you read in order to learn more about potential schools in the educational field, remember that the top schools on any list might not be the best schools for every student. In addition to researching rankings on colleges, you should also visit the schools whenever possible to talk to students, learn about scholarships and grants available, meet professors, and get a feel for the campus. Look for the best school for you, even if it isn’t necessarily the top-ranked school on any of the college lists you might read.

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