Music University Rankings 2012

If you’re interested in a music-related degree, typical college ranking lists might not help you. Many schools, even liberal arts colleges, don’t offer music-related programs, and schools that do focus on the fine and performing arts often aren’t large enough or otherwise don’t qualify for typical college lists. So, in order to research some of the music schools that interest you, it is important to look at list that are specifically meant for music students. Rankings

Every month, releases a new list of colleges based on surveys completed by students. Each school is also given a letter grade and has a profile page to help you learn more information about characteristics such as social life and university resources. Schools are ranked based on characteristics such as educational quality, campus maintenance, competition, the level that creativity is encouraged and more. In addition to reading their rankings, you can filter the results according to what characteristics are most important to you.

Rolling Stones Schools that Rock List

Not a traditional college ranking list, Schools that Rock: The Rolling Stone College Guide is a book that helps music students (as well as fans who are pursuing different degrees) learn more about some of the college options available. They take into account not just thriving music programs with unique majors and interesting course, but also colleges based in towns that have their thumb on the pulse of the rock scene. While this list isn’t fully focused on education, it does give you an idea of the social life you can expect at colleges from across the United States. This definitely adds to your college experience, so it isn’t something you should overlook, even if you’re more interested in concert piano than you are in whether or not you can go to see your favorite indy band at night.

Newsweek Hottest Music School Ranking

Newsweek compiles an annual list of their “hottest schools,” which includes one school for each category (things like “hottest for loving the great outdoors” and “hottest women’s college”). Included on this list is the “hottest music school,” which has traditionally listed a school that is great for musicians but also focuses on general education.

Other Rankings

Although general rankings don’t traditionally have separate rankings for music schools, that doesn’t mean that they aren’t useful at all. A number of lists include schools that have music programs, and many have education programs with music minor programs, for those who want to teach music, and many schools offer music scholarships, no matter what your major. If you aren’t sure about you major, attending a school that isn’t focused on just music can be a good choice. US News, The Princeton Review, OEDb, the Academic Rankings of World Universities, Times Higher Education, and a number of other organizations and publications are great for reading more about some of the schools that most interest you.

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