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Going to school online is a convenient educational choice for many students, especially non-traditional students, like working parents or those going back to school after a number of years in the job force. With an online degree, you’ll also spend less money on your education, since you aren’t paying for room, board, or classrooms, buildings, and other facilities. Just because online universities are more affordable, however, doesn’t mean that they are cheap. You may still need financial aid to go back to school, and grants are a great option to pay your educational debts.

Grants, unlike scholarships, are almost entirely based on financial need. You will likely have to meet certain requirements to qualify for a grant, but the overall requirement for all grants is that you actually need the money. Scholarships are given based on merit, so even people who have fat bank accounts can receive scholarships. With a grant, you come usually have to show that you need the money, as well as have a clear plan for how you’re going to spend the money. Grant applications are usually more intensive than scholarship applications.

For many years, most organizations that offered grants did not allow students pursuing an online education to apply. Online schools were once notorious for being diploma mills. In other words, they didn’t provide a quality education and instead just gave students a diploma in exchange for their “tuition.” Today, many online schools are accredited with national organizations and give students just as high quality of education as you’d find at a traditional brick and mortar school. Because of this, many grant-giving organizations have opened up their funds to all students, as long as the school attended is accredited.

One of the largest sources for grants is the government. The Federal Pell Grant is given to any student who applies, and the amount of money you’ll receive is based on your family’s current financial status. This grant provides millions of dollars to students and does not have to be repaid, but it rarely covers more than a small chuck in tuition. Other government grants are also available to fill the gap. Look to government organizations related to your field of study for grant opportunities available for students.

Outside organizations also offer grants in some cases. As an online student, do you qualify? Most of the time, yes, as long as your school or program is nationally accredited. Grants can be given based on a number of factors, but most as specific to the type of degree you’re pursuing. When in doubt, call the organization to find out if your online school qualifies.

Along with grants, you can supplement your educational funds with scholarships and student loans. If you’re already a part of the workforce, your employer may also make money available for you to get an advanced degree. Just because you go to school online doesn’t meant that you have to pay for everything out of pocket.

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The Internet has revolutionized education so that now you can earn a degree entirely online from the comfort of your home. This is perfect for working professionals or anyone who wants to get ahead in a career without having to go to a physical campus everyday.


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