Top 10 Free Open Courseware Directories

Movement way back in 2002 started by MIT to propagate and launch the concept of free online learning soon developed into a revolution of open course ware imbibed by other universities and educational institutions. Following are some of the websites of directories for open course ware as a result of initiative taken by MIT.

A World of Ideas

This directory is collection of videos and audio lectures on academic subjects and topics according to discipline, theory and topic. Links to various university sites and radio stations are provided under discipline and subject for the lectures. Most of the links are to be the video or audio data or otherwise is provided to the pages where data should be looked checked out for. More to run data a mix up of media players like real player, windows media player or quick time player is needed.

Archive Grid
ArchiveGrid is an important center where collection of historical documents, personal papers and family histories is restored as to receive archives around the world. It has collection of nearly a million descriptions as contributed to it by libraries, museums and archives.

British Academic Portal
It is the portal of British academy which consist directory of online resources in the humanities and social sciences. It aims to provide excellent high level of educational level by serving and providing resources at its pages. This British Academy’s directory of online resources in the humanities and social sciences is designed as an entry point to provide resources for people working in higher education and research.

It is the Directory of Open Access Journals that provides free, full and qualified controlled scientific and scholarly journals. It has relatively journals in all subjects and languages. There are nearly 4345 journals in the directory. Its 1649 article level journals have nearly 312508 articles in the DOAJ service.

Economics Network
UK’s academy of higher education’s network of economics provide publications, events, funding opportunities and other resources to support University teachers of economics. From the website that is leading education site nearly 6000 documents are downloaded by human users, daily.

This is a free online service that helps you to learn about the best online resource for the purposes of your studies and learning. Among million of resources as available on Internet, it has the most specialized and reviewed content. The Intute consortium consists of University of Birmingham, University of Bristol, Heriot-Watt University, The University of Manchester, Manchester Metropolitan University, University of Nottingham and University of Oxford

Librarian’s Internet Index
Librarians’ Internet Index (LII) is a publicly-funded website and weekly newsletter that consists care fully selected websites covering news and events on topics like current events  and issues, holiday and seasons, tools for information users, human interest and more.

Merlot is an advanced searchable collection online learning materials catalogued by registered members and a set of faculty development support services. The purpose of this online collection of information is to develop into a prominent online community where faculty, staff and students around the world can share their learning material.

Open Course Ware Finder
OCW Finder let students search for free online courses called Open Course Wares. It also facilitates other Universities and other OCW providers to get their course register with it. The OCW Finder was developed at Center for Open Sustainable Learning at Utah State University and the project of development was funded by Andrew W Mellon Foundation.

Voice of the Shuttle
Started in 1994, as a suite of static Web pages VOS serves content dynamically on the net that is offered in form of free resources for learning on subjects ranging from humanities to subjects related to social sciences.

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