Top 10 professors to follow on Twitter

The tradition of open course ware that was started for the professionals and specialized courses by MIT way back in 2002 has picked up the stream and courses weaved around that concept are readily available with other universities and social media sites. Twitter though new at this concept, however, has well adapted to this development. As now one can seek assistance on any subject from a good number of professors providing free literature to their students. Following are a few of the most famous professors spreading learning on Twitter.

Christopher Penn: Co founder of Podcamp, he provides information on financial indicators and courses in Finance and Online Marketing, daily. He also provides tips on online marketing too. To know him more you can get into reading of like, The Twitter Power Guide.

John Abyrne: Offering tips and advice on business, finance and journalism, he is Editor-in-Chief at a national business magazine’s website. More one can understand him as Digital Journalism Advocate.

Jeremiah Owyang: The Senior Analyst in Social Computing at Forrester Research he provides free information on Social Media Web Strategy. He is also an effective salsa doctor too.

Beth Kanter: On Twitter, she delivers lectures on non profit and its relation with social media for better co-ordination and operability. She tells about use of social media as mean for better connectivity with patients, families, caregivers and potential doctors.

Ann Handley: Being as a Chief Content Officer she has more to deliver on Content Marketing and has picked up Social Media as a method to get connected with her audience on marketing issues and topics.

Chris Brogan: As a New Media proponent, he is an expert campaigner of Online Business communication.

Sarah Evans: The founder of the community #journochat her lectures and references are filled with high end information on communications, New Media and Community Building.

Tara “missrogue” Hunt: With specialization in marketing to existing communities she provides lectures and notes on Online Community Marketing and Personal Branding.  To read her more one can go to and Whuffie Factor.

Jennifer Leggio: She is an active blogger expresses her ideas prominently on Social Media, Technology and communications.

Jay Rosen: Professor at NYU Journalism School he delivers and shares his learning on Journalism and New Media.

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